the Street Team

What is a street team, you ask? 

A street team is a possy of awesome readers (hopefully, that means you) who get advanced readers copies of Acacia's books. You get to choose which series to sign up for, and, before each official release, will be sent an e-book copy of said book. The hope is that you (as the reader) will enjoy the book enough to leave a review, and then keep coming back for more.

What's the catch? 

There are a few rules, of course, which are listed in the sign-up sheet. Plus, for every review left, you'll be entered to win a prize specific for that book's release! You will also accumulate points (on certain variables) for various prizes to be won in the future. Fun, right? 

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, but be warned, there is a limit to the number of copies sent for each release. You can fill out the sign-up sheet here (and don't forget to read the check out the rules to ensure you're qualified).

Good luck, future readers!