Delightfully Witchy

Witches of the Lazuli Birthrights

The Delightfully Witchy series is set in a world where humans and witches coexist, and more often then not, those worlds collide in wonderous ways.

Romantic, always a bit fun, sometimes a little awkward - these stories will take you on a journey of life, love and intrigue - witchy style.

Each novel is considered a stand-alone, meaning there is no particular order on which the series should be read. It is recommended, however, so as to see the progression of the characters and their steamy, not so typical, adventures.

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  Delightfully Witchy
 Exceptionally Witchy (coming summer 2018)
The Barren Lands Saga
The Barren Lands Saga is a dark, adult, post-apocalyptic / paranormal that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last.

To follow Avery's perilous journey of survival, one must be prepared for the hardships that come with venturing through no-man's land with little supplies and a hell of a lot of uncertainty.

Her story must be read in order to fully grasp the trials she faces in the name of survival.

*This series is intended for audiences 18+, as it does contain strong violence, language, and some sexual situations. 

Available Now:

 DOWNFALL (coming summer 2018)