RECESS (the RECESS series #1)

Welcome to the playground . . . where nightmares come to life, and demons can play wherever they damn well please.
The end of the world isn’t like Avery pictured—crumbling buildings and desolate cities. Instead, the things that once made man the dominant species have vanished, leaving the earth a barren wasteland filled with unimaginable horrors and ruthless survivors.
The good news is Avery happens to be one of those ruthless survivors. That and a newly acquired ability that might as well be a curse allows her to survive with the only company being that of two brothers, wolves she met along the way.
Despite her nearly total isolation, she can’t help but hear the rumors, the ones about a city—the last city—standing somewhere in the west. Unable to quell her curiosity, she sets out across no-man’s land to find this so-called paradise. She quickly discovers she isn’t the only one searching . . . or the only one who’s changed, for that matter.
And Avery’s definitely not the only one with secrets.
**Caution—because I’m an a**hole, this is book one of five in the RECESS series and does end in a cliffhanger (a major one, at that). You can even read the last chapter if you want without spoiling the entire story (go ahead, I dare you). Don’t say I didn’t warn you**
Warning: this novel is intended for mature audiences only (for violence, language, and some sexual situations).
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